Personal Ministries Department

There is buzz in the air, Mission 2020 is here! It’s all about mission, and the Personal Ministries Department endorses this initiative and encourages everyone to get on board. My brothers and sisters the hour is late, the coming of the Lord is upon us. If you love your relatives and friends and you are preparing for the kingdom, make every effort to take them along with you. Everyone should be a good personal witness. A good salesman sells his product based on what he’s told the product can do, but nothing beats a personal experience – a product you have tried yourself, that works for you. It’s the same thing with Jesus, you have experienced his realness, his goodness in your life, so tell someone else about it.

This is what you have experienced when you know Jesus. No preacher can do this for you, it’s your personal testimony. You may say you can’t share your faith with others because you don’t have theological training but look at Moses. Notice that when God calls a man, He takes inventory of his assets and then transforms his assets and puts them to use.

If you can’t understand the bible, God will help you, if you can’t speak, God will help you. Let’s all get on board and do our part in the saving of souls.   

- Wayne Brown, Personal Ministries Director