Mission: "Building Bridges of Hope"

Aim: To foster a clearer image of the church, its mission, activities and witness, so that many will become followers of Christ and members of his church.

Purpose of the Communication Department: Act as a facilitator to administration and all departments of the church in witnessing to the community.

Aspects of the WGSDA Communication Department:

    • Washington Pulse: Weekly Email Bulletin that highlights upcoming events, announcements, and details of the upcoming church service.
  • Photography: Photo Albums
  • Quarterly Newsletter

Communication Director
Jacqueline M. Williams

Assistant Director
Ruth-Ann Brown
Audio/Visual Director
Ryan Roper

Systems & Technical Coordinator:
Jermaine McFarlane
Department Elder
Andre Graham

Chief Editor
Shirley Richards

Team Members
Sashauna Smith
Janeil Gordon
Miguel Faircloth
Miguel Smith
Team Members
Dionne Forrestor-Malcolm
Audrie Williams
Rochelle Gordon
Kyce Cummings

Photography Team
Miguel Smith
Kyle Simms
Miguel Faircloth
Odayne Ferguson

Resource Persons
Francine Sinclair
Patricia Watson

Sujay Johns

Resource Persons
Andrew Richards
Fitzroy Shaw
Edwin Chin
Desmond Roberts