Generosity Toward All
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God has His people in areas and in "flocks" that we know nothing of, and with the humility of Jesus we should be reaching out to other Christians and encouraging them in their spiritual journey, all the while, refraining from statements and actions that offend other Christians who claim to be followers of Jesus, yet do not live their relationship with Christ exactly as we do. These gospel stories invite us to generosity toward all who claim to be followers of Jesus.

Christ's high priestly prayer in John 17 is a reminder that He is still concerned about Christian unity today. His focus is not on organiational or structural unity, but on unity in faith, truth, and love. His prayer should be ours as we seek to solidify our faith in His sanctifying Word. Surely, love for one another should characterize our relationship with fellow Christians, however diverse our understanding of the gospel may be.

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