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Welcome to WGSDA The Washington Gardens SDA Church is located at 41 Headley Avenue, Kgn 20. Join Us!
Youth Empowerment Series July 11-25 The Youth of WGSDA invites you to their Annual Youth Empowerment Series July 11-25. The 2- Week Series will highlight the importance of preparing for the return of our Lord, to understand the Signs of the End and to embrace the Gospel Commission.


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  • Hike-A-Thon 2015 - Holywell, St. Andrew


    Story by Jeniel Scott and Tiyana FarquharsonOn Saturday, March 14, 2015, the Gemini Pathfinder Club embarked on one of the many treacherous journeys known to hikers; a hike through the dark, cold a...

  • Unseen War at Headley Avenue


    Story by Sis. Shirley Richards The Drews Land Community in which the Washington Gardens SDA church is situated is no stranger to war, be it political, gang-related or domestic; unseen war however,...

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GSAT Marathon at the HOPE Centre

On Sunday, March 15, 2015 the Education Department hosted a GSAT Marathon at the HOPECentre for the students of the Drewsland Community.  The session commenced at 9:00 a.m. The...  More

Today's Devotional

Renewal of Strength

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. Isaiah 40:31.

In order to fight successfully, a soldier must have courage and strength. Of ourselves, we are weak and feeble. But we have the promise, “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.”

Obstacles to the advancement of the work of God will appear; but fear not. To the omnipotence of the King of kings, our covenant-keeping God unites the gentleness and care of a tender shepherd. Nothing can stand in His way. His power is absolute, and it is the pledge of the sure fulfillment of His promises to His people. He can remove all obstructions to the advancement of His work. He has means for the removal of every difficulty, that those who serve Him and respect the means He employs may be delivered. His goodness and love are infinite, and His covenant is unalterable.

The plans of the enemies of His work may seem to be firm and well established, but He can overthrow the strongest of these plans, and in His own time and way He will do this, when He sees that our faith has been sufficiently tested and that we are drawing near to Him and making Him our counselor.

In the darkest days, when appearances seem so forbidding, fear not. Have faith in God. He is working out His will, doing all things well in behalf of His people. The strength of those who love and serve Him will be renewed day by day. His understanding will be placed at their service, that they may not err in the carrying out of His purposes.

There is to be no despondency in God’s service. Our faith is to endure the pressure brought to bear upon it. God is able and willing to bestow upon His servants all the strength they need. He will more than fulfill the highest expectations of those who put their trust in Him.

This text is taken from Sons and Daughters of God by Ellen G. White. For free access to more of her writings, please visit

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