Week of Prayer

2013 Week of Prayer Readings November 2-9 "And They Followed Him"


Greetings From the President

World church president Ted N. C. Wilson welcomes readers to this special edition of Adventist Review.


First Sabbath: Living With Heaven in Our Hearts  November 2

Jesus Shows Us the Way.


Sunday: Things Deeply Hidden--Yet Seen  November 3

Our life can be a wonder too.


Monday: The Cruciform Mind  November 4

What's behind our interaction with others? 


Tuesday: What Am I Thinking?  November 5

Moral sensitivity and spiritual influence.


Wednesday: Integer or Fraction?  November 6

Living the whole package.


Thursday: What Will It Take?  November 7

Doing the best we can with all we have.


Friday: Leave the Light On  November 8

What is revealed when Christ lives in us?


Second Sabbath: Our Present Duty  November 9

What steps are we taking heavenward?


Children's Readings  

Special readings and activities for the children.